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The Home Sweet Woof! Festival, people of all ages are welcome to participate!            Pet owners can participate in professional dog training with their dogs or have fun with their dogs in Free play Woof! area. Adults and children can participate in various handicraft workshops and games. Healthy & life style information sharing for different age groups. Shopping in homes, food and pet supplies markets. Couples and friends can enjoy the evening with their pets in rest area. People of different ages take what they need for a happy holiday!

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Locate happy and joy in Home Sweet Woof!Festival! 

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Home Sweet Bazaar

Food and Beverage

Freeplay &  Resting

For dogs, for kids , for everyone!

Lets shopping  with    pets, families and handcraft products!

Enjoy  great foods  
and drinks!

Freeplay   area for dogs and  relaxing   zone   for   you!

Activities pre-registration

Early-bird ticket for activities ON SALE NOW!

Training Woof! , Hi! Doggies!, Handcraft Workshop etc. Know more

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For Dogs

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For everyone