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Freeplay & Resting

There are facilities in the venue free for free use!

A huge dog running playground with obstacle game for both big & small dogs, the running playground will separate into two zones for below 10kg smaller size of dogs and above 10kg biggest size of dogs.

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Freeplay Wool!

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Resting Area

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Setting with parasol and Inflated sits for everyone to chill out a little and rest from the hit of the warm!


There is a water sprinkler placed in a designate area for doggies to cool down from the sunny weather.Water buckets will be set up around the site for dog owners to sprinkle water for dogs to cool down and clean up .

* Do not use any detergent or soap in the dog cooling zone.

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Cooling Zone for dog

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Photo Op

Photo op. setting will be placed at a different location so that everyone can take their most amazing IGable photos and share with families and friends, for sure doggies must be in the photos, let’s create nice and memorable memories together!

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Kids can free play  in the area, and draw on the giant canvas . Let's create giant drawing together!


Freeplay Kids

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There are dog toilets in the venue. Do not allow dogs to defecate everywhere. Dog owners are requested to take the initiative to clean up their dog's excrement. Welcome to use water buckets and trash bins in the venue. 

Dog Toilet

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