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Home Sweet Woof!Festival

D.MAX Advertising & Production LTD and Boffow Manana Creative Group were invited by CVM to co-organize the biggest event in the SummerFest 2021,「Home Sweet Woof!」festival will be held in 9 days from late-July to early August, it is going to be the grand finale program of the entire SummerFest 2021.

Affected by the Covid-19, SummerFest 2020 was suspended. We are happy to announce that SummerFest will be held again in 2021. We hope that 「Home Sweet Woof!」festival will hold an event full of love and joy with the themes of 「Pets」,「Parent-Child」and「Families」. Throughout all different activities, wishfully could increase the public’s understanding towards pets and implement the vision of having a pets friendly community.

Central Venue Management (CVM)

Appointed by the Government through an open tender in 2014 and again in 2016, CVM is the exclusive operator and manager of the Central HarbourFront Event Space (CHES), the premier location showcasing Hong Kong’s iconic skyline and harbour. CVM’s experienced team helps bring the variety of events to the CHES for the public to enjoy and international press to highlight. The CHES has housed many events such as the AIA Carnival, Art Central, Lai Yuen Super Summer 2015, Clockenflap, FIA Formula E Hong Kong ePrix, Dragonland Music Festival, etc.